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Nutridry is the owner and distributor of Chaya leaf powder products.

Nutridry is a company that believes in the preservation of natural products and the added benefits these natural products can provide our clients.  Fruits and Vegetables can lose more than 50% of their nutrition value due to storage and cooking methods.  We therefore believe dehydrating fruits and vegetables can ensure that most of its nutritional value is maintained, providing the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a healthy body.

Our philosophy has therefore led us to Chaya “Cnidoscolus Aconitifolius” and other related products.  With this product we hope to offer a product that can address the cause of so many health-related problems, due to its rich vitamin and mineral content.

We believe that plant and fruit based products is better for your health.  Driven by our passion for natural health, constantly investigate alternatives that can help reduce the risk of chronical illnesses such as heart failure, cancer, diabetes, cholesterol, blood sugar problems, liver and kidney functions and more.

Some of the Health Benefits in our Foods

Beetroot has been in use for centuries, initially known to be used to treat a variety of conditions related to digestion and blood. Packed with essential nutrients, beetroots contains fibre, folate (vitamin B9), manganese, potassium, iron, and vitamin C. Beetroots have been associated with numerous health benefits, including improved blood flow, and increased exercise performance.

Chaya Skin Care Ointment includes an extracts of Chaya leaf that gives this cream anti-inflammatory properties which can help to repair wounds and damage to the skin.  Its content of Chaya leaf can assist in the cure of blisters, scratches and skin problems relating to poor blood circulation.  Its content of natural oils helps to hydrate, smooth and moisturize the skin and is free from parabens petrochemicals.  A head-to-toe healing solution that treats your skin and naturally.

The unique formulation and production of stable Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) renders Chaya HOCI Wound Spray the perfect contaminated skin wash/irrigation product.  HOCI, even at low concentrations, has been proven to exhibit powerful microbiocidal and anti-biofilm properties, thereby aiding in faster healing results.

The synergy of these very simple ingredients (Garlic, Ginger and Lemon) is magnificent when combined and together they are far more effective than taken separately. The combined action of garlic, ginger and lemon will make it possible for your body to fight effectively against various viruses and bacteria we are exposed in our everyday life. And by strengthening your immunity it might even help you overcome or avoid getting flu, cold or other illnesses related to compromised or weak immunity.



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